Join me in

Walking Webs

A series of walks for the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography 2022

This summer, join me in Walking Webs: A series of walks to create a series of postcards, from wherever we are in the world!

This project for 4WCoP 2022, hosted by Mathilda in Greifswald, Germany, is an invitation to create webs through walking, both in shape and in mind. We will create a network by following a common thread. Make local discoveries. And exchange insights into each others' hometowns. We cannot be everywhere, but we can share – don't you #wishwewerehere?

w h e r e :  your hometown

w h e n :   before August 1st

s h a r e :  the bird's eye view of your route + photos taken at each intersection

t o :  mghgw [at] posteo [dot] org


Using a map & pen or app/gps, record your steps in the shape of a web:

  • chose a starting point in your hometown:
    your doorstep? your favourite ice cream parlour? somewhere you've never been? 

  • from here, walk north, south, east and west

  • mark the points you reach after 10 and 20 minutes in each direction

  • take a photo at every one of these points

--> You have formed the basis of your web!

Now it's time to re-connect your own steps:

  • connect the 10-minute marks to form the inner circle of your walking web

    aim for a somewhat circular shape - don't take the fastest route!

  • in the same way, connect your 20-minute marks to form the outer circle (this might take a while)

--> Your walking web is complete!


How did you find your way? Was your chosen route obstructed by streets, rivers, private properties?

Did you walk in company, virtual or real?

Did you feel like an urban/rural pirate on a treasure hunt?

How did you re-encounter yourself at each intersection?

Did you enjoy walking a web?


Please share a bird's eye view of your route, i.e. the shape of your walking web, to mghgw [at] posteo [dot] org

Our routes, specific yet similar in shape, will represent a series of postcards we create and exchange among each other (through social media and/or this website).


Please also share the photos you took at each intersection as personal messages and deeper insights.


Feel free to send me further photos, notes, sounds or moving images from your walks.

All of these 'postcards' will form a single contribution to the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography on September 4, 2022 "Wish We Were Here" (a short video showcasing our walks and exeperiences).



c o n t a c t   M a t h i l d a: 


mghgw [at] posteo [dot] org

d i s c o v e r   4 W C o P: